• How do I know if this is worth the money?
    Arts Executives offers knowledge and experience in the administrative side of the arts that will ease your daily stresses and let you focus on the artistic quality of your organization. With a team of arts administrators ready to serve you, the value comes from the comfort of knowing that the job is getting done and getting done right.


  • When should I schedule the initial consultation? 
    Asap. The sooner you get on our calendar, the sooner we can build a plan and meet all of your organization’s needs. Even if the project is 12-36 months away, lets meet today to ensure we have the best team in place for when it is time to carry out the project.


  • Why is this a great investment? 
    Time is money, and our services give you the time you need. Resources are available, but you do not have the time to find them or to learn something new. You just need it done now, and we can help you with that.


  • How long is a service consultation? 
    Before any agreements of services are made, a service consultation is held with potential clients to discuss organization and project needs. This meeting usually lasts about one hour.


  • I am not sure I can afford Arts Executives, how much does it cost? 
    Arts Executives offers customized packages for every size budget. Whatever support you need, we are here to help you find it.


  • Do I need to pay up front? 
    50% of payment is due before services and 50% of payment is due at end of services.


  • I work for a school, do you accept Purchase Orders? 
    Yes, Arts Executives accepts purchase orders. Please contact us for information about institutional billing.


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