St George Dance Company - Red Rocks Dance Festival

"She is an extremely hard worker and an effective communicator...You will not be disappointed with Lexie’s ambition, knowledge, experience and work ethic."
-Summer Belnap-Robertson, Artistic Director

Lexie is an incredibly organized professional that excels at not only the performance side of performing arts, but the administrative side as well."
-Victoria H. Andrus, M.ed

Vista School of Performing Arts & Technology - Vista Conservatory
Utah Shakespeare Festival

"Lexie strives for artistic excellence in all of her projects. The artistic excellence drives those around her...She is a dynamo, a human laser beam, a force of energy who motivates all around her. I highly recommend her."
-Michael Bahr, Education Director

Truly she astounds and amazes with her vision, talent, and most of all enthusiasm! Well, actually, maybe most of all her capacity and wise diplomacy - it is hard to pick when Lexie offers so much."
-Jess Connors, Arts Chair

Walden School of Liberal Arts - Expressions Art Contest
Utah Dance Artists

Our dancers had an amazing experience working with Lexie. It was wonderful to have such a talented teacher who was responsible, organized, and came fully prepared to teach class.
- Brooke Maxwell, Owner

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